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Default Removal Surgery at 4 years - UK or USA - pls help?

My daughter Abbey has a compound hemangioma on her left cheek. It was Visible at birth and proliferated during the first year. Here in the UK they opt for the wait and see approach and we went along with that until we started to do more reading. She is now 4 years old and involution has been so slow, we are considering surgery before she starts school on 12 months time.

I have had several consultation with our local plastic surgeon who is firmly against surgery. We are seeking a second opinion. However, we have been in touch with Dr Levitin and Dr Reinisch by email, both are firmly of the opinion that Abbey's H will never go away enough that surgery can be avoided and strongly feel she would benefit from surgery before school.

We are starting to come round to this view point too but are keen to hear from anyone in the UK to find out if there are any surgeon's as skilled as Dr Reineisch, Waner/Levitin in the UK who I could feel confident about undertaking the surgery?

Also why is there such a divide between attitudes in UK and US? I am not sure who's advice to trust ?

Has anyone else had the same experience here in the UK that they have left the hemangioma this late and now not sure they made the right decision?

Also has anyone from the UK gone to the states and if so what was the experience like?

Hope to hear from anyone with advice or comments to help us make this very difficult decision - whether to do surgery and whether to go to US ?

Many thanks Lynn
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