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Default Can someone help me determine (photos)

...what type of birthmarks my baby has?

She has had these from birth, her pediatrician said they are vascular and will likely get bigger until she is 8 months old and then will fade away. The ones on her neck and top of her head have grown slightly, the one on her hand has not changed.
The one on her hand, however, does turn purple when she is cold.

Hsere are the photos, please let me know if her doctor is right or if I should go see a specialist. She is turning 5 months this week...

On her head. This one is raised and has gotten slightly wider and higher since birth. It is smooth and no hair growing on it...

This is the one on her neck. It has red spots, which have diminished slightly in number since birth, but it is very lumpy under the skin and bluish in color. The lumpy part has gotten much bigger and lumpier since birth...

And the one on her right hand. It is right between her index and middle fingers, but also has some spotting on the back of the hand and spreads over slightly onto her palm. This is the one that turns purple in colder weather. I can also make it "disappear" when I press on it and then the blood rushes back into the area when I stop pressing/rubbing...

Thanks in advance for your help and opinions!
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