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The hemangioma on your daughter's head is EXACTLY like the one (same size too) on my son's face next to his eye. He is just over 4 months. We saw a specialist and have decided to have surgery done to remove it. It's a personal decision but I did a lot of research and when I learned that 50% of these go away by age 5 and 90% by age 9 I decided that was too long to wait due to teasing, etc. You can have these removed by a plastic surgeon or can "wait and see". (The other marks I am not sure about, but the scalp one looks clear cut to me.)

Also I believe that some doctors say that if your child has 4 or more hemangiomas (assuming the other 3 are) that they are supposed to have an MRI to be sure they don't have internal hemangiomas for ex. on the liver. I would look into that just to be safe.

Good luck.


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