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Originally Posted by pichpaw View Post
The hemangioma on your daughter's head is EXACTLY like the one (same size too) on my son's face next to his eye. He is just over 4 months. We saw a specialist and have decided to have surgery done to remove it. It's a personal decision but I did a lot of research and when I learned that 50% of these go away by age 5 and 90% by age 9 I decided that was too long to wait due to teasing, etc. You can have these removed by a plastic surgeon or can "wait and see". (The other marks I am not sure about, but the scalp one looks clear cut to me.)

Also I believe that some doctors say that if your child has 4 or more hemangiomas (assuming the other 3 are) that they are supposed to have an MRI to be sure they don't have internal hemangiomas for ex. on the liver. I would look into that just to be safe.

Good luck.

Thank you for your input. She only has 3, maybe you are thinking 4 because I posted 2 of the one on her hand. That is a scary thought though. I'll have to look into that a little more.
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