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Hey everyone. I am a 21 y/o female w/ a large venous malformation (hemangioma) that goes from my lower left leg, into my hip and has recently begun to make it's way through my stomach. I am just looking for some people to talk to that are going through the same thing as I am. I know this is a very rare medical condition which is why sometimes it may be even harder to deal with then something like cancer. I guess I shouldn't say that because I don't know what it's like to have cancer but at least with cancer people know what their options are and what can and cannot be done about it. I mean there are some options for people with what I have but for me, either they don't work, they are too risky or they end up causing other problems (such as the sciatic nerve in my left leg being damaged during one of my alcohol ethenol procedures) wasn't it bad anough to have this humongous tumor growing in my leg? Nope i guess not. Now due to the fact that I have no feeling in my leg due to nerve damage, it's very weak and so I have broken it 3 times in 3 different places. unfortunately for me although I do not have feeling in it to the touch, I could definately fel it when it broke. So needless to say, I haven't given up hope yet so I hope everybody else doesn't either but my advice is if you have a baby born w/ a hemangioma, start getting information on it ASAP because the quicker you catch it, the more easily it may be able to be removed. Mine just got way to big for anything to be done about it.
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