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hey Sophia,
until I read your story, I thought my hemangioma was big. it goes from my lower left leg, into my hip, and up into my stomach. It is most noticeable on the back of my left leg though. It's also embarassing for me to try and wear shorts I am sure people would think I am being abused or something. When I was little and had just a little birth mark, the daycare centers that my mom took me to thought that she was hitting me or something. I wouldn't even dare trying to go to a public pool in a swimsuit. Not only do I have a huge bruised area, I also have numerous scars and places where I had treatments that grew into blisters on my backside. They look like antholes now that they have healed. So what kind of birthmark do you have? Does it have a specific name. Like mine is a venous malformation or hemangioma. Well I agree with everybody. It's nice to know that we are not alone and at least if nothing else, this website is helping me to open up and talk about things that I have tried to hide my entire life.
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