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Default 26yrs old - Hemangioma Diagnosis...what to do?

Hi Everyone,
I'm glad I found this forum, it seems like a great resource full of friendly people.

I'm 26, going on 27, female and quite active in my day to day life. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a hemangioma on my upper right arm.

The lump is about the size of a golf ball and quite firm - but no redness. It's tough to see in the pictures and varies depending on what I'm doing. The more I workout or use the arm, the bigger it gets and it gets quite hard. When it's like this, it's quite uncomfortable.

The lump appeared around 2002 and was about the size it is today. My old doctor told me it was scar tissue from my muscles. My newer doctor thought it might be fat, sent me for an ultrasound but when it came back as having blood flow, they sent me for an MRI. The radiologist, earlier this year, diagnosed it as a hemangioma. My doctor sent me to a local vascular surgeon and he said options are to cut it out, but that's through my groin which doesn't sound appealing. His advice was to leave it alone.

Being 26, you can see why this is weird for me since most info on the subject says that babies get this, it's likely on their face/head and it often goes away.

Does anyone have any advice or heard of such a case? I've emailed Dr. Martn Mihm though I am not sure if he's the person to reach.

Thanks for reading.

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