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Today was the day of Jaelyn's specialist appt. Doc took a look at all of them. He was not concerned about the ones on her head and hand unless they bleed on the outside. They do not. However, when he saw the one on her neck/throat, the biggest one, he was concerned. He said he can't tell by looking at it whether it was a hemangioma or the cousin of one. And because it is so large, he thinks it's worth having it examined further. This would involve a team of different types of doctors called a "vascular clinic" who would examine her, take pictures and run tests like an MRI to make sure that it is indeed superficial and not interfering with anything internal. Oh and he did mention about her being at very high risk of having internal hemangiomas because she has three visible ones - so likely she will have a full-body MRI done.
The one on her neck is called a "cavernous hemangioma" because it grows under the skin. And that's if it is a hemangioma - I don't know what the "cousin" he mentioned is called or what the dangers are, if any.

So the "wait and see" game continues. I have to call a dermatologist he referred me to in the morning to see about this "vascular clinic" and schedule an appt.

Oh and this month I was going to give my notice in about quitting in November so I can be a stay-at-home-mom, but because I'm the one with insurance, I have to stay on this job until Jaelyn is in the clear. I don't know how long all this will take. If hubby found a job with health insurance it wouldn't make a difference because this would be considered a "pre-existing" condition, so Jaelyn would not be covered. Thus the reason I have to stick around a little longer. Of course, she is worth it.
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