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Default Not a birth defect!

Regardless of what is written by the medical community in books, liver hemangioma's ARE NOT birth defects. I did not have one prior to 2000 when I had a CTscan, however, I did have one in 2001 (2 cm).

I have researched the heck in what can cause liver hemangioma's. The majority who will get liver hemangioma's are women. What I have found by my own research is that either high estrogen levels or high copper in the body can cause liver hemangioma's. When a rat was given estrogen it grew a liver hemangioma but when given tamoxifen the hemangioma had shrunk!! Interesting, eh? Men can also get a liver hemangioma and of course they too, have estrogen in the body which can elevate as well as testosterone in women can elevate.

I would get tested for a salivary hormone test, not a blood test. This will determine if you have estrogen hidden in the tissues in your body. I get tested in one week and will post my results.

Another reason, I have read, is from having high copper levels in the body. This can be determined by a hair analysis which I will be getting after I learn the results from my hormone results. High copper can be the result from eating high copper foods, IUD, copper pipes in the house, birth control pill and many other factors. Check your vitamins as well!! Don't take added copper if you have a liver hemangioma!!

So check back here in a few weeks for results. I have been researching this probably longer than any doctor! haha

Why would a woman, who posted on this forum, get another liver hemangioma after receiving a liver transplant because she first had had a hemangioma??? One of those two things, that's why!!

I have been researching this because I found that my liver hemangioma DID NOT grow while being pregnant which I found that Progesterone tends to go higher than estrogen levels. Mine only starting growing again after a few months once I had given birth which my hormones starting going back to 'normal'.

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