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Default Questions re: duration, effectiveness of laser treatment

Hello. My infant daughter was born with a light PWS on her cheek going up toward her ear. There was no nervous system complication, thank God.

She is now almost eight months old and has received three laser treatments in the past months, the most recent being about three weeks ago. My wife and I have been unable to determine whether the PWS has faded at all. Sometimes I think it may have lightened a touch, but I fear that I am simply reading in to what I so desperately want to see.

Our fourth visit to the laser doctor is later this month. So far, the dermatologist has been pretty noncommittal as far as her prognosis. She will only say that each case is different and that they typically like to evaluate progress after sets of three laser sessions.

Understanding that each case is different, I am wondering:

1. Is improvement typically visible after after the first few treatments, or does it sometimes take several more times under the laser before significant lightening takes place?

2. Would improvement typically be visible immediately after the bruising subsides, or is there residual fading of the PWS that takes place in the days/weeks after the trauma from the laser goes away?

3. How many treatments without notable improvement might a doctor order before the laser treatments are abandoned? And if laser doesn't work, is there another course of treatment to pursue? Typically, how successful are these types of treatments?

I know there are no uniform answers to these questions, but any experiences people can share would be much appreciated. If the laser treatment is not going to work, I want to accept that and move on.

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