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. Is improvement typically visible after after the first few treatments, or does it sometimes take several more times under the laser before significant lightening takes place? Some doctors are much more conservative with laser tx. than depends on their experience and type of laser. Laser treatment is most effective when the laser type and settings are customized for your child's specific pws (depth, size etc). You should be seeing some improvement by now in my opinion.

2. Would improvement typically be visible immediately after the bruising subsides, or is there residual fading of the PWS that takes place in the days/weeks after the trauma from the laser goes away? The results of the laser tx can be seen within 10 days of treatment typically. Yes...when the purpula fades.

3. How many treatments without notable improvement might a doctor order before the laser treatments are abandoned? And if laser doesn't work, is there another course of treatment to pursue? Typically, how successful are these types of treatments? I would encourage you to seek the advice of Dr. Stuart Nelson (you can find him in the ask the expert section of the main page). He can give you a better idea of what options are available for your child and how to maximize the light into the pws.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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