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Thought I would post just from my daughter's experience. I'm sure there are better medical opinions out there though.

1. Is improvement typically visible after after the first few treatments, or does it sometimes take several more times under the laser before significant lightening takes place? My daughter's face is more stubborn than the rest of her body regarding the results of treatment. Her doctor has said it is a case by case result as well. I always take pictures so I can do comparisons. Much of her face is lighter than before, but there are still stubborn areas. Her doctor is using a Vbeam.

2. Would improvement typically be visible immediately after the bruising subsides, or is there residual fading of the PWS that takes place in the days/weeks after the trauma from the laser goes away? It takes about 3-4 weeks for us to see the result of the previous treatment. Some areas up to 6 weeks (like her legs and hands), but then all of a sudden you notice whiter areas.

3. How many treatments without notable improvement might a doctor order before the laser treatments are abandoned? And if laser doesn't work, is there another course of treatment to pursue? Typically, how successful are these types of treatments? This is case by case and doctors are different. Our doctor said she would go as long as we needed her to as long she saw steady improvement. Once we reach the best case scenario with the vbeam, we might look into other options available.
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