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Default 15 week old Ruby with H on scalp

Hi there everyone

My name is Laura and I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland and new to this website.

My daughter Ruby is 15 weeks old and has a large H on her head along with stork marks on the back of her neck.

The H appeared when she was about 3 weeks old and grew at an alarming rate for a few weeks. It seems to have stopped growing for now but I've noticed a tiny spot which has appeared just above her nose and eyes. I'm terrified it's another H but have read on some sites that if it was, it would have appeared within the first 5 weeks. Is this the case does anyone know?

We've visited a specialist at the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh and they are not prepared to remove the H from her head but have advised it will hopefully disappear by the time she is 7. He told us that the skin will then be paper thin and hairless so she may need an operation to pull her scalp together and cover the hairless area.

I have to admit I have a difficult time dealing with peoples stares and I'm just so glad Ruby is none the wiser and not aware that she has the lump. I keep telling myself that it's just more of her to love. My partner and I make a joke of it when friends meet her for the first time as I feel if we didn't, it would be like there was a pink elephant in the room that we were all trying to ignore!

I've tried to post some pics but I'm not very computer literate and the file size is too big. I'd love to speak with people in a similar situation so please, please get in touch.

Laura and Ruby
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