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Hi Lorna

Great to hear from you, thanks for the email. I'm sorry to hear about your wee one's H being on her eye. I can understand your frustration feeling that they want to wait to see what happens with Abbie's H, especially with it being on her eye and affecting her vision - you'd think they would deal with it asap. It is really hard isn't it? I'm just glad that they are babies and so have no idea themselves that they have them.

I was brave today and took off Ruby's hat when we were out for coffee. I always leave her hat on her when we're out but the last thing I want is for her to sense my discomfort at her H when she gets older so I need to sort myself out and stop concerning myself with what other people think.

I've sent a couple of pics of Ruby to Missy and she's going to resize and post them for me.

Please will you keep in touch and let me know if there is any improvement with the steroids?

Take care and thanks again for the email.

Laura & Ruby
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