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My name is Monica. My little sister is adopted from China, and has port wine stain on her legs, pelvic area, and her face. Before we adopted her, she was sponsored through an orphan-relief foundation. They saw to it she had laser treatments before we even got her, before they even knew if she would be adopted. They only worked on her face because everything else can be covered. I have pictures of her from when she was about a year old after her first laser treatment. So I'm left wondering why your doctor wants to wait until she's 3?

Reese just turned 3 in October. She had her 6th laser treatment on her face in September-ish, and her first treatment on her legs that same day. The blisters were awful on her legs. Her face barely reacted (but has now leveled out and faded significantly), but her legs...poor baby. She still has light colored spots where the birthmark faded where the laser hit, but the spots haven't faded into each other to make an overall lighter birthmark except around the edges. I say horrible blisters, and I know that isn't encouraging, nor more likely to make you want to start early. But from what I understand, the earlier you start, the lighter it can get and the less issues you have with it.

Feel free to go look at my blog. If you go back to that time frame, you can see pictures from her treatment.

Good luck with your girl. Feel free to email me or message me, if you want.

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Reese is living with PWS, congenital glaucoma, and Type 2 Sturge-Weber Syndrome

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