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Default Laser treatment

Hi my name is Hank Bartenbach.

I am posting this poll to find out what people think about laser treatment. This poll is for laser treatment in general not just for PWS. It is for any kind of laser that you my have had, am thinking about, never will, are, and etc.

I have had laser treatment for about fourteen years and I have used three different types of lasers. I have a PWS in several places on my head, and have several vascular malformations on my head as well.

If any has any questions please ask. If you want a photo email me and I will email you pic's.
Laser treatment is working for me and I will contiue to have treatment until I can no longer do it, but with the technology today hopefully I can remove the birthmarks at least on my face.

I will talk to everybody soon.

Hank B
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