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Our daughter had her H removed at 4.5mths. I was amazed at how easy it all was. The worst part was before the surgery as she was so hungry and wasn't allowed to eat for about 6hrs before the surgery. We were lucky that the surgery was scheduled for 7am. If you can, try to get an early morning time. Ashleigh's surgery was about 1hr, then 45 min in recovery. She didn't cry when she woke up, just smiled at us, then went back to sleep. A few hours later she woke and had a bottle, we gave her some panadol, then back to sleep. In hindsight she probably didn't need any painkillers. The next day was back to her normal self. You will really be amazed how easy it is. I know it is hard to think of your baby going under a GA, but babies are amazing! Best of luck with everything. I have photo's under 'surgery complete' posting.
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