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Thanks for your message- it would appear that our son has 1-2 sypmtoms of PWS and Hemangioma which is why this seems hard to diagnose. His birthmark was present at birth but then faded, then at about 4 months it started getting darker; pink to red. It is not growing like a hemangioma but it is also not getting really dark as in blue or purple like a pws. Even today as he sleeps, it is a deep pink in the same areas. On the VBF home page if you look to the right at the infant's photo in the second row, photo on the left- looking straight on, Danny's marks look like the light ones on the right side of this baby's face and less like the darker PWS that is on the left side.

He has a small hemangioma on his forearm and my sisters each had hemangioms so I know what that looks like. I was told by one pediatrician that he may have a "surface" hemangioma which is a collection of capilliary veins just under the skin's surface where blood tends to pool or collect causing the discoloration. She thinks that the body with absorb these veins over time and the marks will fade. I just can't believe how many different opinions I am getting. We have high expectations with this Nov appointment.
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