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That is exactly what my sons hemangioma looked like when it started showing up. We also thought it was a blocked teat duct until we went back for his 8 week checkup and it wasn't any better. We were then sent to an pediatric opto. One tip I picked up on here was to take pictures of it next to something consistent like a penny so you can show how it is growing and changing. Bretts continued to grow very fast and I didn't trust that our local doctor knew all there was to know about hemangiomas so we ended up contacting Dr. Fay. Good luck!


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My now 7 week old daughter Ashlyn had what we thought was a black and blue blocked tear duct pop up the day after Thanksgiving. I took her to the ped. the following week when it didn't go away and he said it was definately an H and that we should take her to an opthamologist to see if it was putting pressure on her eye. I still find it odd that one day there was nothing there and the next day there is a lump on her eyelid. The opth. appointment was last Thurs., but he canceled the day before, which of course made me nuts, since we are anxious to find out what he thinks were dealing with. Her new appt. is a few days after Christmas. Her H is only about the width of a dime, and about as puffy as a couple of peas. It seems to be more internal and it really just looks like she has been given a black eye. It hasn't grown a whole lot in the past two weeks, just enough to start covering a small corner of the pupil - we can't wait to get her to the Dr. to make sure it isn't hurting her eye yet. I am glad I found this sight because we didn't realize that these could grow around and behind the eye, and with everything everyone else has posted we really have a great list of questions for the first Dr. we see.
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