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Default Dr. Mulliken at boston children's

Hi everyone,

In a previous post of mine, I wrote about how my daughter is scheduled to have surgery on Jan.29 on her hemangioma where we live now in NC - however, I did get an appt. scheduled with Dr. Mulliken at Boston Childrens for Jan.18 since we are going up there to visit family and friends anyways... I have sent him email pictures, and he seems to think the hemangioma does not need to be removed since it will "go away on it's own", which is a different opinion than what I have been told by Dr's down here. Since where it is on her forehead - when she starts to walk she can easily hit it, bald spot being left, cosmetic reasons, could take up to 10 years to go away, etc... he seems to disagree.
So what is everyone's opinion on Dr. Mulliken if you have seen him? Is it worth my time, or should I just go with the Dr.s opinions here in Charlotte?
For what it's worth, we are for removal of it due to the above reasons...
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