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First, I want to comment about the term "cosmetic" really isn't about cosmetics. We are made to feel that way by some doctors or outsiders. Dr. Waner explained it very well when he said... Getting a nose job because you aren't happy with you nose from genetics is cosmetic... having surgery on a hemangioma (or other) is reconstructive surgery, not cosmetic. I thought this was important statement not only for insurance purposes, but to help us as parents deal with the conflicting thoughts in our heads about if we are doing surgery for the right reasons. Think of a child born with a cleft lip. There was a day when this was not corrected and not covered by insurance...considered cosmetic. It is abnormal and now is accepted as a needed surgical practice.

Dr. Mulliken is highly respected among the vb community. He is considered the father of vascular birthmarks. He might in some people's opinion be conservative on recommending surgery. What you mentioned above is something not typically considered (considered from the parent's perspective) by some physicians, in my opinion. What is the benefit (pros and cons) doing surgery now...or waiting and doing it later? I think in the end you need to follow your instincts and do what sits best with you.

GOod luck and keep us posted.

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