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I spoke with Dr, Mulliken when my youngest was about the same age as your child. He recommended that she remain on the oral steroids (which she started at 2 months - I wanted her on them earlier) until about 10 months. He thought the hemangioma was too large for an injection to be effective, and did not want to remove it until aroiund age 4.

Dr. Mulliken has a lot of knowledge about hemangiomas, but he is conservative. He did think she would need surgery at some point - but so did all of the doctors we saw (even the very conservative).

My youngest had/has two hemangiomas - one on the right cheek just below the eye, and one on top of the head. She has been on oral steroids, had a steroid injection, and two plastic surgeries. She could use some laser at some point too (she is now 3.5 years old).

The decision is a personal one, but I (personally) would wait a little while if it is not growing rapidly. If the doctors are willing to remove it now, I assume they would be willing at 1 yr, 2yrs, or 3 yrs old? I personally know a couple of kids that had hemangiomas in a very similar location, and they involuted pretty well. Also, consider the growth - if it is still growing, it could grow back after surgery. My youngest had one on top of her head removed too - it was the "small" one and not growing at time of removal (11 months) - but it came back and you can still see it (but under some hair). And while no one wants this to be a consideration (and of course I don't know if this is a concern in your case), there is the financial side. Try to get the operation pre-certified - if not you may have to pay - even if you eventually win over the insurance company, you may have to pay the doctors in the interim.

No one can foresee how well a particular hemangioma will involute, so the decision is one you need to make based in your "gut feeling" - good luck and try to focus on all the other "baby stuff."
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