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thanks -
I like that statement by Dr. Waner, how true.
Our main reason for removing it now, is due to when Kayleigh starts crawling/walking, we are terrified that she will hit, scratch, or bump it and it will end up being an emergency situation due to loss of blood. It's in the perfect location for this to easily happen.. Our other reasons are a bald spot and social/self esteem issues later on if it doesn't go away, and to be honest we just want this behind us.
I didn't realize that it could grow back - does this happen often? And how do you know it is done growing? Kayleigh's rapidly grew the first 2 months, and has slowed down alot (but she's not even 4 months old yet). We haven't really noticed much growth the past 1 1/2 months, but then again we see her every day so it's hard to tell.
Our insurance already preapproved the surgery, however we would pay out of pocket if we had to. We just want to do what is best for her. At this point we feel surgery is the best option, but of course, we question if we are making the right decision for her.


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