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I'm not sure how often they grow back - not too often - but perhaps someone else can comment.

As far as the growth goes, sometimes hemangiomas "take a break" for a month or two, then the growth starts again. Of course, there are plenty that finish growing after a few really can't tell until you have several months with absolutely no growth.

I understand the concern with bumping the hemangioma (and again, someone else please comment), but while I have seen that concern voiced by many on these boards, I think it rarely happens. The emergency room trips are typically from rapidly growing hemangiomas that ulcerate. My youngest did a face plant on a LEGO base board about two weeks after her first surgery. Of course, plenty of blood, but in about 10 minutes we had the bleeding stopped and cleaned up (it was just a small piece of scab that came off). I'd say it was similar to the amount of bleeding from the busted open chin (youngest and middle kids both have done that).

Good luck with whatever you do - this "issue" will be behind you before you know it - there are plenty of others to come (just ask my 12 yr old)!

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