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Hi everyone,

Again, I'm new to this site and finding all the content very helpful. My son is 2 months old and has 5 H's. 2 of them are fairly large and on the top of his head. Of the 2 on the top of his head, 1 is turning grey in the middle and the other initially was grey in the middle, then turned black and now is still black in the middle, but has some yellowish scabbing.

I initially thought/hoped it was the start of involution, but after reading several posts I'm now concerned that it could be the start of an ulceration. If anyone has any experience with an H that looks like this, your feedback would be very much appreciated.

Additionally, my son has an H on his eyelid that I'm worried about. The ped opthamologist isn't too concerned and doesn't think it's effecting his vision, but wants to monitor it closely. I've posted a picture of the eyelid H as well. If he's 2 months old, should we expect it to continue to grow or would it have reached its peak by now?

Thanks everyone!
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