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I'm definitely concerned about the scabbing. It's very minor right now, but from threads I've read it could be an early stage ulceration. We took him to a pediatric dermatologist last week. At that point there was very little scabbing and had the blackish color in the middle. he didn't think it was anything to worry about and thought it could be a sign of involution (this was the first time I had even heard that word - involution... as this is all very new to us). since then, a little more scabbing has developed.

we have an appt with our pediatrician on monday and an appt for an evaluation with dr. reinisch in 2 weeks. i found his name from this website and we live close to his offices.

the H next to one with the scabbing definitely looks like it's involuting (from what i've read on this website). it turned gray in the middle and has flattened. i'm still hopeful that the other one is involuting, but definitely scared.
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