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Default large facial PWS

Hi Everyone,
I am a 28 year old, happily married , mother of 4.
I have a wonderful husband, and amazing children.(ages 10 , 5 , and 1 year old twins )
My children are amazing ! They accept eveyone, no matter what they look like, or how they are different.
That is the # 1 thing we taught them .
I have a large PWS hemangioma that covers most of the right side of my face ( it is also in my mouth and down my throat )
It is mostly dark red with purple in some areas.
It is starting to thicken in areas, and grow bumps ( laser seems to take the bumps away for a while )
I have also noticed that my right side of my lip is slowing growing larger. ( Others haven't really noticed it yet, But I have been noticing the change over the last 3 years )
I have had about 10 pulse dye laser treatment( didn't really help much, the recovery was awful. The treated areas would turn black, swell, and bleed )
A few photoderm laser treatments ( lightened it some, plus the recovery was so much better. But I did get 2 scars from where the laser burned me and it blistered. )
A few years ago, I would have told you that the worst part of having my birth mark,was what I went through growing up.

But recently I realized that the worst part of my birthmark , is what my children are now going through .
I was tortured , and teased as a child and thought that I had finally
"out grew " that stage of my life . But now my children are living it ... WHY?
I'm SO frustrated. My children were all born perfect, yet they are being haunted by my birth mark the same way I was .
My 10 year daughter gets it the worst. No matter if I wear makeup or not, she still gets tortured. And believe it not , some of the parents are just as bad as the kids.
I just wish that my children could grow up without having to feel like they have to defend what their mother looks like !
Has anyone else here had to deal with this ?
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