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Default ulcerated lip hemangioma

Hi.. I'm new here, just wondering if anyone has advice... My 9 week old daughter has had a hemangioma on her lower lip/chin and one near her ear since 2 weeks.. After about 5 weeks it has been getting worse and the one on her lip ulcerated the other day in one small area.. We have been seeing a hematologist that specializes in hemangiomas, and he started her on oral steroids... Do they usually work to either heal the ulcer or shrink the hemangioma? How long does it usually take? Also worried about side effects.. Its all not too bad right now, but really hoping that it dosn't get any worse. I was going to keep putting vasoline on to keep it from cracking/getting too dry... Dr said that if it gets worse we could look into laser treatment - any info on that? Just not sure how much better it is to be aggressive w/ treating it, or just wait and see. So far she seems to be eating ok, I am breastfeeding but just went back to work so she will be getting more bottles.. Are there any specific bottles that may be better for this? I am using breastflow now and it dosn't seem to be bothering her too much...
I'm interested in hearing any advice or suggestions... thanks!!!
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