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Hi Kathy,
Yes, I had 2 different surgeons for 2 seperate procedures. The first surgeon was Dr. Donald Laub who performed the amputation. By the time I reached 48 yrs. old, the avm was quite advanced, and I had avoided using that finger for several years (beleive me, I didn't mind getting rid of it-I managed very well not using it). After the amputation, the high flow symptoms were still present, large draining veins etc. Laub recommended Upton as he is well known in the hand surgeons community for surgical procedures on extremity/hand avm's. I beleive that his procedure involves actually removing vessels from the arterio side of the vascular system as well as having "pulled" the large draining veins. At this point, the affected area is allowed to re-vascularize on it's own (although he did perform a venous vein graft). The bulk of my avm was in the index finger, as well as an area in my palm. He (Upton) offered to completely re-vascularize my hand, but said that it would involve more than 1 surgery to do. Having been informed of the likelyhood that avm's quite often return (after an extended period of time), I simply did not want to persue this procedure. While many specialists recommend embolization, there are very real risk's (as is with surgery) with this procedure and I am not convinced that long term results are necessarily better than surgery. From what I have been able to gather, those of us with extremity avm's, (I hope that I am very, very wrong) may very well have to deal with the condition for the duration of our lives.

Best of luck with the treatment that you choose.

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