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My son is 7 months old and has CMTC (he has a twin sister that does not have CMTC). The markings run from his shoulder to his hand on his right arm. His right arm is skinnier than his left arm but he uses them both equally. He is already crawling and pulling himself up to a standing position, so it hasn't slowed him down at all. We see the genetic doc tomorrow for a check-up and I know we will be scheduling an MRI sometime this year. As a parent I worry about whether this will affect his self-esteem and if it will stop him from particpating in sports/activities. After he was first born it seemed like my eyes were always drawn to his arm by the markings, but now when I look at him I don't even see it anymore (our whole family is so used to it it doesn't stand out to us). It's not until someone will comment on it that I remember that it looks different. Do you have any advice for parents on how to help with self esteem or confidence, from your point of view(or anyone else out there reading this). Thanks! Jen (Minnesota)
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