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Hi Lynn

I'm so glad your daughter is ok and I'm sure the results are amazing.

I just read your story and I am in exactly the same position. I'm from the Aberdeen area (so not too far from you!) and my daughter also Abbie (just spelt differently) is 6.5 months old, has a H on her eyelid and behind her eye. She was on steroids for 3 months which did not work, so Docs. in Scotland have refererd her to Great Ormond Street but again they want to wait and see. Dr Fay in Boston says that laser & surgery would be the preferred treatment asap, so I just dont know what to do.

Which surgeon did the op? How did you persude him? Its all a bit more comlex is Abbie's case because of her vision, very few Docs in the UK can operate.


Lo x
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