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Default Same Problem

My daughter Taryn is almost 4 months old. She has a hemangioma on the lower left side of her lip. It ulcerated about 5 weeks ago. We went to a dermatologist who had us start with Regranex Gel every evening. That appears to have helped the ucler but her lip still has a pretty decent size whole in it. Last Thursday she stopped taking a bottle again and it appears to be hurting more. We went back to the dermatologist yesterday and we started on oral cortisone . I also order the bottle that you mentioned to see if that will help. I am back at work and having to go to daycare twice a day to feed her. Any suggestions on how to get her to keep the cortisone down? Today she spit the majority of it out. Also what is the difference between getting the shot or giving it to her orally?
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