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Default deciding what action to take

Hi all,

After consulting with two local opth. who gave us two different opinions about Ashes eye H, we finally flew our daughter to see Dr. Fay in Boston this past Weds (actually my hubby made the day long trip alone with our 2.5 month old daughter - very brave man) Dr. Fay recommended surgically removing her eyelid H (it is now in her eye orbit too). My question is this - how do you know in your heart what the right course of action to take? It is almost worse now that we actually have to decide what treatment to do, either a steroid injection or the surgery. Either way she needs put under and if the injection doesn't work then she would need the surgery anyhow. And both procedures have their own complications.... We are excited about having found this site, because it led us to Dr. Fay, who is definately the Dr. to treat our baby, but we feel like no matter what decision we make it is going to be the wrong one.. I think we are going to go with the surgery, but I am scared because I don't want to make a mistake and would never forgive myself if anything happened....

how do you get past the what-ifs?

Thanks in advance for any advice - Ashes mom
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