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Hello! Your daughter is beautiful! my daughter Emily had a H on her scalp that started about the size of your daughters and grew to about the size of a ping pong ball....that is the scary thing about hemagiomas, they grow so rapidly. We saw a plastic surgeon in LA, California who opted for surgical removal after the H became ulcerated and infected....We had her surgery when she was 6 1/2 months old, and it was a success...the only drawback is her scar widened a little during healing, which the doc said he could fix when she's older...
basicall the doctors at CHLA's protocol for removal is either large, ulcerating H's or H's that are on the face. I met a few parents of children that had them in the exact spot as your daughters and they opted for removal surgery with fantastic results. Not all docs go that route, but CHLA is fantastic, and world renown. I would look into removal. I dont have any advice on the steroids, although other parents on here have had some success. Good luck! Oh, and i posted a thread with pics a few days ago if you want to look!

Anna, mom to Emily, surgical removal of H at 6 months of age.
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