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Default Educating Doctors on Treatment Options for Hemangiomas

My name is Mollie and my husband is a physician (foot and ankle). Our daughter has a H on her forehead. Our pediatrician told us the same thing "wait and see". She never really even told me what it was or what would happen. The only thing she said is lets hope that it is a Hemangioma and not a port wine stain. She told me if it was a H it would raise a little bit and that is all she told me. All of my friends are doctors. I have been talking a little to them about it and they all told me that there is nothing I could do until she was older than 2. My husband had been trying to reassure me that there was nothing that we could do and that "the standard of care was wait and see." I was very frustrated and started looking on the web and found this wonderful site. I started to tell him about this site and he started thinking that maybe there was something that could be done. He emailed pictures of our daughter to his friend that is and ENT/Plastic surgeon of cranial facial. His friend then emailed him right back and told him that she absolutely needed to be treated and as soon as possible. That was this weekend and she is seeing him on Thursday morning!

My point is that here I am surrounded by all of these doctors and not one of them knew of anything but wait and see. I would love to give them some information so that they could help others. My husband also works at a local teaching hospital and I would love for him to give the residents the information also especially the General Practice and Peds that rotate with him.

Does anyone know where I can find this information. I saw some threads on it back in 2003 and 2004 but nothing recent.
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