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I am not certain which posts you looked at that indicated steroid injections don't work. I think that some folks have unrealistic expectations of the injections and oral steroids - if they temporarily halt the growth, they have worked.

My youngest took oral steroids and had an injection. The first dosage of oral steroids wasn't enough, and the doctor increased it. Started at 2.8 mg/kg, then increased to 4.2 mg/kg. Took oral steroids from 2 months to 5.5 months old, then had a steroid injection at 7.5 months. Plastic surgery at 11 months and 2 yrs, 4 months.

If the doctor will do an injection, I would try that first. Also, I have seen a number of cases - some on message boards, and others are kids I know - with hemangiomas in a similar spot to your child's, and they involuted pretty well. No one can say what will happen in a particular case, but I think the injection is worth a try, then wait a while (may also need injections every couple of months for the first year).

Very few doctors would operate at this point - she is just too young for the risk involved. I would try some form of steroids for now, and see how it goes. The fact that you have found a doctor that is willing to see your child is great - even our doctor relatives that tried to help could not get us in for an appointment (I think living in PA has something to do with it).
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