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I am a little confused. Did your daughter have surgery on the one on the top of her head and if she did who did you use? And about the hemangioma going into the bone, I didn't know that it could do that? Did your doctor say that it might be possible for it to do that?

I emailed Dr. Fay a picture of my daughter Lindie and told him what the doc here in fort worth said. He said that he would definately start with laser treatment now and that it is not that unreasonable to wait a couple months (not the 10 months that the doc here recommended) for her to get bigger and then have the removal but to definately start with the laser asap. I think that I am just going to make an appointment with Dr. Waner in New York and see what he has to say.

To all of you that have replied Thank you thank you thank you. I have been a emotional wreck for the past week. I have cried and cried and cried. I have waited a long time for this little girl. My mother in law, whom she is named after died four weeks before she was born. She had cancer and she tried her best to stay here until her little angel got here but she couldn't last any longer. My daughter actually has her hands which is a little freaky and looks like her. So this little baby is so special to our whole family and we are all just worried sick. My husband being a surgeon himself knows the risk to any surgery and especially with a baby this young. My hearts go out to all of these parents who are dealing with this. I am just so thankful not to be alone and have support and advice of this forum. Thanks again and God Bless you all and your little ones!
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