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We did have the hemangioma on top of the head removed, but it was not the one of real concern. We did not know until the surgery if the doctor (Dr. Reinisch in CA) would remove that one - he (and we) were not very concerned about the top of the head hemangioma as it was small (in a relative sense) and not problematic.

Some others can respond about hemangiomas on the head growing into bone/brain, as I believe there are some that have cases like that, but I also think it is quite unusual. I asked for a copy of the MRI, which they gave me on a CD. It was pretty neat - could scroll through from one side of her head to the other - and I understand that it was tough to see where the top of head one ended (though it was clearly not in the brain).

If you would like, I can email some pictures of her case, though there are very few of the smaller (top of head) hemangioma - mostly the larger one on the cheek.
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