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Default A mother's toughest decision

As a mother, the toughest decision is consenting to the things that we feel is best. My daughter Isabella is 5 now, and we've been through a lot if only we would have known or been told more. She was born with a hemangioma on her upper lip. By the time she was three months old it ballooned and spread up into her right nostril. The hemangioma was deep "compound" going the whole way from outside lip to inside. Our ped sent us to a dermatologist who at three months gave her steroid shots, they worked enough so she could breath while nursing. Then at a year old we were sent to another dermatologist who did laser, it only changed the color of the H from bright red to a more flesh tone. At three years old we were sent back to the first dermatologist who then tried an experimental creme - it did't do anything. Then oral steriods and we stopped them due to Isabella refused to take them and we had to wrestle her down to get her to swallow. Horrible stuff - again didn't work so we stopped. So then everyone's advice was to leave her alone it would go away before she started school. I have two other kids. My youngest, a girl, was born also with an hemangioma. Instead of her face like Isabella, it's on Ali's back and "superficial". Two months ago Ali formed a red spot on her head behind her ear. It bothers her, she reaches back and fusses occassionally. But our ped doctor just says to monitor it. When Isabella was a baby she had her head scanned for hemangioma's, so why not Ali? Isabella cried her first year of life and ped doctor told me it was colic, I now begin to think it was pain from her H on her face. I don't want Ali going through the same experience as Isabella if we can prevent it.

I know what my decision would be. I am struggling at this time trying to decided if I should just skip the derm the doctor is sending Isabella to for a 5yr old eval at geisinger hospital and just scrap up what I can and make an appt with Dr. Warner or Dr. Fay.
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