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Default 4 month old with Hemangioma on soft spot on head

I was born on September 28th @ 5lb 10 oz a baby girl. I had a red spot on the top of my head over my soft spot that everyone said was a birth mark. Yep, this makes me special. However, for the first few weeks there were no noticeable concerning changes and then at 7 weeks, this has grown and grown and grown.

I am now 4 months old and now weight about 14 lbs. It was recommended that I visit a Dr. Wolfe at childrens hospital in Miami, which I did, and now they want me to have surgery when I am 6 months old. However, I am concerned that this is still growing and want to know if I am seeing the right Doctor and do I have the correct treatment. I am not concerned about how I look, because I will grow up to be confidant in how God made me, but I do have concern that this is growing so large and is over my soft spot where my brain tissue is growing. My parents are very concerned and I know they really want to do whatever they can for me. Any recommendations and why should I wait until 6 months?

Thank you, Holly
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