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You are one precocious kid - my 12 year old can't write that well.

How large is the hemangioma? Have you been on steroids to try to control growth? Have you looked at some other websites, which show examples of similar hemangiomas and involution (I have seen some photos of hemangiomas in that location that have involuted very well).

I am glad to see that the doctors are being aggressive, but even six months is quite early for surgery if the hemangioma is not problematic. Also, when my youngest had surgery, she had the smaller hemangioma (on top of the head) removed in addition to the larger one on the face. The one on top of the head never exhibited aggressive growth, but it "came back" about 3-4 months after surgery (surgery at 11 months). You may want to discuss this with the doctor, as your surgery is scheduled when the hemangioma may still be growing.
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