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Hi PAmom,

I am a 25 year old with facial PWS on my right side as well.

I have a question; when you where pregnant did your birthmark start to grow or was it after or before you had kids? The reason I ask is because some doctors think that hormones have a part in making our birthmarks grow. I have a friend that had two kids and both times had to have her jums worked on because they were growing rapidly when she was pregnant.

If you continue laser treatment and have maintenance on your PWS it will slow down the rate of having the bumps and maybe even the growth of your PWS. I started laser treatment when I was 5 years old and could not tell you how many treatments I have had now. I have had three plastic surgeries to remove the hypertrophia (thickness, growth) from my lip eyebrows and nose. I also have Sturge Weber syndrome which means I have PWS on the brain where I have it on the top of my head. You can see before and after pictures on my website at Also, if you would like to see what those bumps can turn into coble stones you can look at Geoff's website. No doctor was even willing to treat him before seeing Dr. Waner. His website is

My fiancee and I are planning on having children after we get married of course, and it the thought has been in the back of my mind how children will treat them with a father having a birthmark and a mother that is blind.

When that time comes, I will teach my children what helped me get thru my childhood. I will educate them at their own level depending on the age about what a birthmark is and that God put this mark on me for a reason and that they should not be ashamed of what I have and to get them to understand that the person that is makeing fun of me is just making a fool out of themselves and to let it just go in one ear and right out the other. They are the one with the problems not us if they can not except a birthmark.

I hope this helps and if you have any question about my PWS just message me or email me.

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