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We also had our daughters nasal bone H removed by Dr Reinisch, who was absolutely wonderful. We travelled from Australia to see him and the surgery went great. It was only an hour, 45 min in recovery then home. I now don't call it surgery, it was a procedure, just doesn't sound so huge. It was the best thing we ever did. The anticipation was far worse than the procedure its self. Like others have said, Ashleigh woke up fine, no crying, and never touched the incision at all. It really is amazing how easy the whole process was. It is just crazy that so many doctor's still go with the wait and see approach. I still can't believe that we had to travel to the US, to get a 1 hr procedure done, when we have surgeons more than capable here who could have done it, but most are still caught up in the 'wait and see' era. I wish you the best of luck with your decision. And just know that there is so much support here and you are not alone.
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