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Hi Hank,

I know how you feel. The quest for the perfect relationship is sometimes a cumbersome matter. But it's out there. You will meet someone that will find you as attractive and geniune as you are, and not account for any of the physical flaws. Even though i haven't had that experience just yet, I'm not counting it out as an impossibility in my life. I've met some great people who've been attracted to me for who I am, and even some that have been attracted to my looks. They always find it interesting and see me as an interesting person they'd like to get to know. I think for me a lot of it has to deal with my own discomfort with myself still. I fear the double take deal, where you're thought of as normal at first glance, but then they do a double-take and they're caught off guard. That bothers me the most. My feeling is if you're comfortable and accepting of who you are, you will exude that feeling and others will be attracted to you. True, there will be those that won't be, but that's with everyone, having a physical flaw or not. It's a matter of compatibility. I believe you'll find that perfect girl.
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