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Default Hemangiomas - second opinion in Boston?

My son was born eight months ago with two Hemangiomas. One on his forehead, one on his chest. they have both increased in size dramatically since his birth. We live in the Boston area and have been seen at Childrens hospital for the Hemangiomas. We have been given the response to "wait and see". Dr. Green did tell use that he is fairly certain Connor will require surgery on both as he is assuming after they recede, a scar will be left. But otherwise, he has a follow up appointment in year. My question is this... it seems as though a lot of people's childrens hemangiomas are being treated either with surgery or laser. How come ths option was never given to us? If Connor requires surgery down the line, why wouldnt we have the option to do it now? I know, based off of what I read, Dr. Mulligans office is very conservative. I am wondering if we should seek a second opinion. I will attach a picture of the small hemangioma on his head, the one on his belly is about ten times the size, maybe i can take a picture of it tonight. thank you so much in advance!
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