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Default new and wanting some advice

I thought I would post some pics of my daughters birth mark and see if you agree with our ped? I first notice her birthmark around 2-3 weeks it was flat. By 2 months it had grown to where it wasn't flat anymore. Our ped took measurements and told me we will just watch it and that Olivia will need to have an MRI done at 6 months to make sure its not growing on her brain. Olivia is 4 months old now. We went to her 4 month well baby appt yesterday and the ped measured it again and said there wasn't a significant change that it had gotten a little puffier but not as much as she expected. She said she might hold off doing the MRI until a little later because Olivia isn't showing any signs that it is growing on her brain. Her birthmark is soft and squishy I'm not sure how to tell the difference between the different kinds. The bulge is below her skin. Anyway any comments? Should I just follow what her ped said and wait and watch and do the MRI or should i be requesting for her to get it looked at by someone else? Thanks for any comments I really appreciate it

don't mind the bald spot she's a mover when shes laying down lol and to put a face to the back of the head here's my beautiful Olivia with her big sis

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