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Default Hemangioma on a lower lip.

Hi everyone, I am new here and have couple of questions regarding my daughters hemangioma. She has one on her bottom lip she will be 4 months next week, so far we have done 2 laser treatments from the first one we saw it shrink dramatically but b/c she had an ulcer prior to the procedure we had to wait for it to heal completely in order to do our second laser. While waiting the H started to grow again. Last week we did the second one and so far all we see is change in the color and not the size. My question is to those who have gone through couple of laser sesions when should we see the H shrinking and will it really go down after her 4th one????

The Dr. that we are seeing is Dr Waner and Levitin who by the way are very supportive and sincere people.... We have spoken to them couple of times and they tell us that the only road for us to take is the laser one. As far as steroids they don't believe she needs them. She might need a little surgery once she turns 9 months old but my concern is has anyone done a bottom lip surgery?? And is there scarring?? Should we wait for the surgery or do it sooner?? Will my daughters lip look normal?? I am a very concerned parent..
In advance thank you all...
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