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Originally Posted by manijo View Post
Hi my son had three laser sessions on his bottom lip.
After the first the H stared in about 3 weeks growing again. The sign that it started growing was that it was swelling and red spots started appearing
After the third laser (now 11 months have passed) the sweeling gradually diminishes, there is no great scarring and has 6 or 7 red spots that are steady, not gowing and the doctor said that they will go away in time.
I believe that laser was the best decision because surgery might remove part of the lip in order to clean it from the H.
You just have to be patient and o not get disppointed because the H might be appearing again and again.
Have faith you wii eventually beat it!
When did you start seeng progression as soon as the 3 laser??? Did the dr tell you to have more after?? You see our third one is next week and I am praying that we will see good results. From the first time our Dr. said she will need 3 or 4 I guess it's for a reason they give you that number. After the 3rd laser did his lip started to look a little normal?? Meaning did the swelling go away??
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