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I was pushing for steroids when my youngest was only a few weeks old, but the pediatrician would not do it. I lost confidence in pediatricians, family doctors, etc. a long time ago - well before my kiddo with the hemangiomas.

I agree that there needs to be education on vascular anomalies, but with our pediatricians, it seems to fall on deaf ears. My husband had a long talk with the one pediatrician, basically saying that he hoped our kid's case (and lack of action) was a wake-up call for them, and that this would not happen to another kid, but the talk really did not make much of an impression. That is not surprising, as they also think that you can let a sinus infection go for six weeks (until the kid gets kicked out of daycare), and it is fine if another kiddo vomits for 3.5 weeks straight, as long as they can keep down just enough fluids so as not to be dehydrated (but cannot keep down any solids).

I am sorry if I am venting, but in our experience, the "wait and see" seems to be the answer to every condition. We have changed doctors a few times, but with no difference in opinion. We just go straight to the specialist if we have a problem - the pediatrician is the one for well visits and filling out all of those school and sports forms.
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