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In my case, when the doctor saw the H on my baby's lip said that propably it was a bruise. After a while, it kept growing and getting more reddish he said that it might be an H, but if it was he had never seen anoter H on a lip. H told us wai and see. When we canged doctorfor the third time, the H was swollen and it was ready to start bleeding. More specific we visited the doctor one day before the obvious wounds and she said that he just had chaped lips and we should use vaseline. I told her that he was crying all day and all night, that he was hungry but when I gave him the bottle he would drink some milk and then he started crying hysterically like he was in pain. She told me that it was me, that I was a first time mom and I didn't really know what his needs were and that was why I couldn't really understand what the reason of crying was. Even when the next day he lip started bleeding she said we should not take any action yet.
Thank God a friend of my family found a doctor that was a plastic surgeon and specialist to the H (something that is really rare in Greece. There are not many specialized doctors here) and ata last we treated him. But any scars my son's lip has, he owes them to the doctors who thought that it was to early to take action and to us, his parents, who believed them.
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